Boeing Bond & Ground Event

Date: 03/13/13 10:00 AM CT - 03/14/13 5:00 PM CT

This event will test each AMT‘S ability to determine properly bonded connections by choosing proper meter selection and proper test probe placement. The AMT will be given a BCD M1 BOND METER with a resistance range from 0 to 19, 9999.00 milli-ohms, a FLUKE MODEL 77 IV (or equivalent), with a resistance range of 0 to 400 ohms/ 0 to 400 kilo-ohms/ 0 to 40 mega ohms. Simulated aircraft testing samples will be provided. All tools necessary to complete this task will be provided.

This event will consist of three separate items, pre-installed electrical devices electrically bonded to aluminum panels, electrically bonded tubing samples, and composite panels. All measurements should be conducted within .25 inches (approx) from bonded connection to structure or fitting to tube, or fastener to panel whichever applies. The probe may be placed farther than 0.25 inches as long as an acceptable reading is achieved. At no time may the M1 METER be used or come in contact with, composite panels of any type. This meter will damage the panels.

A) 1ST Testing bonded devices installed on a pre-built panel

The AMT will be required to find an improperly bonded connection by doing a sample test on a provided sample panel consisting of 8 total items electrically bonded to these panels. The AMT will be required to test all 8 devices. Using the proper testing meter and proper probe placement, the AMT will determine what device or device’s is/are out of tolerance. A required limits table will be provided. These samples may contain one or more discrepancies. The AMT will be provided a worksheet for these samples to record all initial readings (required) and convert initial readings to OHMS. All final readings are to be in OHMS only. (Important) This test will sample several types of bonded devices such as, but not limited to, ELECTRICAL RECEPTACLES, PREINSTALLED GROUND STUDS, DIRECT GROUND STUDS, STANDARD GROUND STUDS, ELECTRICAL TERMINALS INSTALLED ON GROUND STUDS, DIRECT RIVET BONDS, GROUND BLOCK INSTALLATION, and ELECTRICAL FAY SURFACE BONDS.

B C & D) 2ND Testing electrically bonded Tubing samples

The AMT will be provided with 3 SEPARATE TUBING SAMPLES. With proper meter selection,
(important) electrically bond check these tubes, record readings, then convert meter readings from MILLI-OHMS to OHMS. The AMT will be required to determine if the results are within

E F G & H) 3RD Testing Fasteners Installed Thru Conductive finishes on Composite Panels
The AMT will be provided with 4 separate composite panels, each having 2 bonded fasteners pre-installed. With proper meter selection (important) and proper probe placement, the AMT will be required to test these fasteners, record there readings. (A work sheet will be provided).

Once a proper reading is obtained and recorded, the AMT will be required to convert this
reading to OHMS (important) and determine if the readings are within limits. (A required limits table will be provided). At no time may the M1 METER be used or come in contact with, composite panels of any type. This meter will damage the panels. (Important)
Scoring for this event will be based on total time used, proper tool selection, proper meter
readings and conversions. This event will be given 20 minutes to complete. The BOEING Company will provide the judges for this event.

For questions regarding this event, please contact the following judges: