AirDat Weight & Balance Event

Date: 03/13/13 10:00 AM CT - 03/14/13 5:00 PM CT

This event will test your knowledge on the calculation of the weight and balance of aircraft, and the documentation required on Form 337 Major Repair and Alteration. Information for weight and balance can be found in AC 43.13-1B, chapter 10 at Advisory Circular AC 43.13-1B Chapter 9-10 and information on Form 337 can be found at AC 43.9-1F - Instructions for Completion of FAA Form 337 - Document Information. AirDat will provide the Judge for this event. A total of twenty minutes will be provided to complete this event. All materials required to accomplish this event will be provided.

For further information or questions please contact Mr. Scott Rothe, Chief Inspector AirDat LLC at (720) 836-1344 or