PPG Aerospace Events

Date: 03/13/13 10:00 AM CT - 03/14/13 5:00 PM CT

This event will have two separate tasks that will each have their own score. Two AMT/AMEs will be assigned this event. These tasks will challenge an AMT/AMEs ability to repair PPG’s Boeing 767 window with PPG’s new Hump Seal Repair kit and skill using PPG’s Seal Caps vs. just PPG sealant on fuselage hi-locks. The hi-lock task for this event will call for the Technician/Engineer to install 12 each Seal Caps on hi-locks then sealing 12 other hi-locks just using PPG’s sealant and nozzles. The Hump Seal Repair will require the Technician/Engineer to mix the sealant, prepare the area, install the sealant, use the kits forming tool to form the new hump seal and clean up the repaired area. All tools and sealant necessary for this event will be provided by PPG Aerospace. Twenty minutes will be given to accomplish each of these events. PPG Aerospace will provide the judges for this event. If you have questions about this event or if any team wishes to purchase PPG Seal Caps, Sealant or Hump Seal Repair kits to practice with please contact:  


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