FAA June 2012 Maintenance Alerts

Beech:  58; Fuel Cell Sealant Deterioration; ATA 2810

"This aircraft has factory installed, extended range fuel cells," says a mechanic. "The cells are sealed wing bays — or 'wet wing' fuel cells located in each wing tip.  These wing tip fuel cells were found leaking fuel through the fuel vent tubes (P/N 60-170010) on both sides. The cause of the leak was found to be the deterioration of the sealant around the tube slip-joint fittings. Also present in the fuel cells was an excessive amount of particulate contamination. This (debris) is deteriorated fuel tank sealant that failed to remain bonded to the inner tank surfaces.  These particles were trapped in multiple locations throughout the entire fuel storage system with no way of draining, accessing, or even (detecting) their presence. The upper wing skin must be removed to access the trouble areas in the wing tip fuel cell — given inadequate inspection panel locations. The addition of a second inspection panel to the aft, inboard area of the wing tip fuel cell may be necessary to (facilitate detection) of this discrepancy. (This is) a potentially dangerous condition as fuel can enter the wing vent system, or (these particles) may cause fuel contamination and (engine failure)."

Part Total Time:  (unknown)


Piaggio:  P-180; Improper Elevator Installation; ATA (N/A)

“The purpose of this Alerts article is to describe an event where the elevators on a Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti airplane were installed incorrectly. The R/H elevator was installed upside down on the left side of the airplane, and similarly, the L/H elevator was installed upside down on the right side of the airplane. The airplane was then rigged within acceptable limits per the AMM (aircraft maintenance manual).  During flight, this reversed elevator installation greatly influenced elevator trim authority — additionally causing the airplane yoke to be in a noticeably different longitudinal position. The airplane manufacturer has subsequently incorporated a note in the airplane manual for this model P180 Avanti — a similar note is intended for their model P180 Avanti II. A very simple way to ensure the correct elevator is installed on the proper side is to verify the location of the static wicks — they must be on the upper surface of the elevator. This fact is reflected in the additional note added to the P180 Avanti AMM."

Part Total Time:  (N/A)


Beech:  Burned Engine Indicator Electrical Wires; ATA 7797

"A 'D' check inspection of the wiring in the aft baggage compartment (R/H, lower area) found some burned wires," says this repair station technician. "These wires had shorted out — burning through their insulation.  (Noted strands include) W740 R/H Fan N1 RPM Indicator, and W748 R/H Turbine N2 Indicator. This (area/wiring) needs to be inspected thoroughly as (failed wiring) will cause indication problems in the cockpit and possibly a fire. The damaged wires were replaced."

Part Total Time:  (unknown)