Zachary Sterngold

Zachary Sterngold, Vice President of Airport Business Development with Boingo Wireless, has more than 10 years of experience helping state and local governments procure wireless communication technology. Sterngold understands the challenges airports face balancing their business requirements with passenger needs.

He has first-hand experience with resource constraints in the public sector and believes the most effective way to serve passengers is through public-private sector collaboration. In addition, as a supplier that currently serves more than 60 airports worldwide, Zack can provide unique insight into the trends and expectations of today's "always-connected consumer."

An engineer by training and frequent flyer/road warrior, his personal and professional philosophy is driven by three principles: results, responsibility and accountability.

Zack holds an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, a BS from UC San Diego and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Airport Services’ Secret Weapon

Airport Services’ Secret Weapon