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Since 1954, Berkebile Oil has been known as a source for high-quality, professional-grade automotive, work truck, heavy-duty vehicle and commercial chemicals. From diesel additives and airline anti-freeze to starting fluids and other chemicals (such as the company’s famous B101 Gum Cutter), Berkebile Oil is a complete solution for high-performance chemicals. All Berkebile products are made in its U.S. factory in Somerset, Pa., using only virgin chemicals. Berkebile’s heavy-duty products include B-1800 Airline Anti-Freeze, B-1900 Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel, B-2000 Diesel Defrost Emergency Thaw, and B-2100 Diesel Cleaner Booster with Cetane Boost.


Berkebile 2 + 2 and “2 + 2” are Registered Trademarks of Berkebile Oil Company, Inc.


Protection First Class

Protection First Class

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