Company Details:
PO 189
Palmetto, GA 30268

Phone: 770-463-2956
Toll Free: 800-273-3115

WSE‘s goal is to improve the efficiency of GSE while reducing operational costs to the airlines and reducing their carbon footprint.   To achieve this goal, WSE represents three manufacturers for the aviation industry; Access Control Group, Minit Charger and Crown Batteries.  These manufacturers have a suite of products and systems that will provide the airlines with vital data to better manage their fleets and reduce costs.  ACG’s AssetPro is a telematics system designed specifically for the GSE environment that works with internal combustion or electric powered equipment.  With the telematics system we can track individual unit data and show increased accountability, safety, reliability and reduced cost.  Also available is IdleTrac, which monitors internal combustion GSE and shuts down the engine after a preset time, reducing fuel and maintenance costs.   Minit Charger is an outdoor rated intelligent fast charging system that will meet all of your requirements to quickly and efficiently charge your 24V to 96V batteries.  A new line of chargers will be introduced at the show.  Crown Battery is a full-line manufacturer of industrial batteries for GSE, material handling, mining, railroad and renewable energy applications.