Air BP

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Air BP is one of the world's largest suppliers of aviation fuel products and services currently supplying over seven and a half billion gallons of jet kerosene and aviation gasoline to its customers across the globe each year. Through its direct operations, Air BP fuels more than 6,400 flights every day and operates at more than 600 global locations in over 45 countries. Air BP’s technical and operations experts provide a complete aviation fuel consultancy service, including the design, build and operation of aviation fuelling facilities, to help customers protect their operations and manage risks. Air BP’s services for the General Aviation and Business Aviation sector include the Sterling Card, which can be used throughout the global network, including self-serve locations, providing easy access to fuel for thousands of Air BP clients including private pilots, aircraft management companies and corporate flight departments. 

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Air BP Installs New Avgas Refuelling Unit at Nampula, Mozambique

January 9, 2015
From Air BP

Air BP Purchases SFR Aviation Fuel Business to Expand in Scandinavia

September 3, 2014
From Air BP

Air BP Strengthens Brazilian Presence with Additional Site at Tancredo Neves International Airport

August 19, 2014
From Air BP

Air BP Debuts Unleaded Avgas In Conjunction With Goodwood Aerodrome

June 30, 2014
From Air BP