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3G Aviation Media is a joint venture between a group of aviation photographers who wanted to partner for specific projects while still retaining their own brand and artistic identity.  The three “G”s  of the team are: Tony Granata, Matt Genuardi and Doug Glover.  Each of them has a different shooting style and each also brings a unique set of skills to the table.  As an instructor, Tony Granata brings his expertise in post-processing of an image, and has a wealth of experience shooting from helicopters.   Having spent quite a few years as a photography manager for a major entertainment company, Matt Genuardi specializes in working with models and professional lighting equipment.  The itinerant nature of his previous life in the U.S. Marine Corps has made Doug Glover the expert in “packing for the location”, and as a Forward Air Controller instructor (ground and airborne) he is the team’s flight briefer and pilot liaison.

Aviation Photography Workshop Series Returns to Atlanta

February 28, 2014
From 3G Aviation Media