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Ruwac is a leading manufacturer of portable, central and specialty industrial vacuum systems. Made in the USA, Ruwac’s industrial vacuums are known for their reliability, innovative design and superb filtration. 

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Immersion Separator Vacuum

Product From Ruwac

Available in electric and air-powered models, the Ruwac NA35 Series immersion separator vacuum is the only immersion separator available on the market with a complete self-contained vacuum system. Work environments using explosive, impact sensitive or glowing materials that may contain an ignition source (such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, zirconium, TNT) and other volatile dusts will not only benefit from eliminating the risk of an explosion, but keeping workspaces clean in the process. Features include a direct fill with garden hose connector to back-wash the dispersion screen and easily replace water contents. A sanitary stainless steel ball valve now acts as the primary source in releasing filtered contents – eliminating any heavy lifting required to empty the vacuum in the process -- while a discharge filter assembly attachment safely collects sludge and debris build-up from inside the vacuum into a 5 micron bag. For more information visit

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