Langa Industrial SA

Langa Industrial SA


LANGA INDUSTRIAL SA has become a world leader designing and manufacturing Ground Support Equipment for both the Civil and Defence markets, with a wide range of Maintenance and Handling equipments applicable to most of the existing aircrafts.

LANGA INDUSTRIAL SA is undoubtedly the Company with the highest international projection and development in the last years. This is the result of the combination of a highly committed and qualified team, the most demanding quality system (ISO 9001 / EN-9100 / AQAP-2110), the re-engineering and industrialization of our teams and the support of a growing network of Local Distributors and Service Centres.

  • Dehesa de Mari Martín, 31
  • Pol. Ind. Alparrache parc. 82 , 28600 NAVALCARNERO
  • Madrid,
  • Spain
  • Phone: +34 91 810 1030
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: +34 91 810 1021
  • Website:

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3D-Gyroscope Leveled Jack

Product From Langa Industrial SA

iJACK (Patented) is a 3D-gyroscope level placed on the aircraft fuselage that sends electrical signals to some visual indicators (one per jack), showing to each hydraulic tripod jack operator the level status of the aircraft and guiding him indicating when each jack needs to be operated . With this device, the aircraft leveling during jacking is continuously monitored, controlled and secured on the maintenance manual mandatory level range. iJACK is universally compatible with all existing and future aircrafts and hydraulic jacks. The added value of this product is based on its simplicity but huge safety and productivity improvements during jacking or weighing & balance operations for MRO. Additional software and integration with laptop / tablets / smartphones is possible for IT data management and recording.

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