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With 600 employees and a 2012 book of business of about $120M, Magnaghi Aeronautica S.p.A. Group is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of aerospace equipment and parts, both in the defense and civilian fields. It also includes the companies Salver and Metal Sud. Magnaghi designs, qualifies and produces composite landing gear systems and hydraulic components as well as other composite airframe parts, such as control surfaces and turbofan nacelles for civilian transport aircraft. Magnaghi Aeronautica was founded in Naples in 1936 and began by manufacturing parts for Italian military aircraft. A turnaround for the company happened in 2001, when entrepreneur Paolo Graziano acquired all Magnaghi’s assets and led the Group into research and development activities, providing broader know-how and growing revenues. Investments and strategic operations resulted in the current design capabilities for high-tech products as well as into a very effective worldwide network, allowing Magnaghi Group to expand internationally in the aerospace industry Today major OEM end customers include Airbus, Agusta-Westland, Alenia-Aermacchi, Boeing, Bombardier, and Piaggio Aero Industries.

Magnaghi Aeronautica Celebrates New Pilots with Able Flight

Magnaghi Aeronautica Celebrates New Pilots with Able Flight

August 1, 2013
From Magnaghi Aeronautica