Prima Power Laserdyne

Prima Power Laserdyne

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Laser machining system

Product From Prima Power Laserdyne

Prima Power Laserdyne offers the LASERDYNE 795 XLZ system. It has a 72-inch (1.83 m) extended Z axis, 80-inch (2 m) X axis, 40-inch (1 m) Y axis, and the latest BeamDirector3 (BD3) rotary-tilt laser beam positioning head. The system is designed to drill, cut, and weld medium to large volume 3-D parts with a minimum of setups helping to ensure better part accuracy with a reduction in total cycle time. It has a unique moving beam motion system and includes a full complement of LASERDYNE hardware and software features. It is designed for aerospace, turbine engine, and contract manufacturing companies that require flexibility of motion and tight tolerances when laser processing. For more information call (763) 433-3700.

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