Price Induction SA

Price Induction SA

Turbo fan engines for VLJ/PLJ market, and turbine engine traininig solutions for maintenance and engineering studies.

Price Induction headquarters is located in north Pays Basque, in south west France, in an area commonly called the Aerospace Valley, a region that hosts an exceptional industrial environment with a lasting tradition of designing and manufacturing turbines and jet engines. A North American office is located in Atlanta Georgia. The two primary offerings of Price Induction are the DGEN Turbo Fan engine, and the related education and training solutions.

The DGEN 380 is the first turbofan for the general aviation market: it allows the emergence of 4 to 5-seat light aircrafts commonly called “Personal Light Jets” (PLJ). The DGEN 380 is a two-spool, high bypass ratio, unmixed flow turbofan jet engine which is particularly compact and lightweight. Its low noise and pollution levels, its “all electric” design as well as its integrated FADEC are so many features which make the WESTT solutions exceptionally innovative.

Training and educational offerings include:

The WESTT CS/BV is a virtual engine test Bench where the DGEN jet engine is simulated by the SIMMOT system.

The WESTT SE is an assembly and disassembly bench of a DGEN 380 jet engine, delivered with specific tools.

The WESTT SE-HP is an assembly and disassembly bench of a DGEN 380 engine’s HP spool, with its specific tools.

The WESTT BR offers the ability to test a Turbofan jet engine in a real environment and then analyze its performances.

North America contact: 404-395-9364

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