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Baker Aviation Maintenance, LLC

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Fire containment bag

Product From Baker Aviation Maintenance, LLC

The HOT-STOP® 'L' Fire Containment Bag safely contains fires, explosions and smoke emissions from Lithium Ion powered devices as well as any combustible item aboard an aircraft, without the aid of a water supply. The product line consists of containment bags that hold laptop computers, flight deck tablets, defibrillators as well as cell phone containment bags that also shield incoming and outgoing cellular signals. It has been successfully tested twice in live fire evaluations at the FAA Tech Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey and further independently fire tested by flight department end users. when not in use, contain an overheating device, or contain one that is in full thermal runaway. The bags are made up of multiple durable fabrics with a felt inner core that has a 3,200 F melting point which is sandwiched between two outer layers that have a 2,080 F melting point and are proven to absorb the energy and fire while minimizing the escape of smoke, sparks and flames. For more information call (972) 248-0457 or visit

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