CleanTech Cleaning Card Company

Company Details:
3400 SW 26th Terrace, Building A9
Dania Beach, FL 33312

Phone: 954-522-4000
Fax: 954-581-4101

CleanTech Cleaning Card Company manufactures EcoCardsTM, the first recyclable head cleaning card! Our EcoCardsTM clean all Point of Sale credit card readers, ATM’s , Kiosks and also Security Doorlock systems.All readers need to be cleaned of dirt and oils, to be able to ensure a good read. No one wants to have to swipe their card through a machine repeatedly while other customers line up behind you!


Using the EcoCards will save your company thousands of dollars in repair, maintenance, down time and will virtually stop all misreads/no reads. We manufacture here in the USA and have many new products available.Please call for your FREE sample, 954-522-4000.