Shore Microsystems Inc.

Shore Microsystems Inc.

Company Details:
45 Memorial Parkway
Long Branch, NJ 07740

Phone: 732-870-0800

Shore Microsystems is a manufacturer of Redundant Ethernet Hardware. Our products are used to create redundant Fault Tolerant connections for Air Traffic Control and Baggage Handling Networks around the world. The majority of our products create redundant Ethernet links while also being power loss fail-safe. All products are capable of automatic failover when loss of Link Signal is detected while some also have a packet counter feature that will automatically failover  for absence of packet failures.

The SM 2501 series of products are most commonly used on the baggage handling networks while the NPC 2 and NPC 12 are most often used on Air Traffic Control Networks. There is also a Power Over Etherent capable SM 2501P Ethernet Link Protector that does  not require an external power supply when connected to POE capable devices.



Ethernet Link Protectors

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