Unidex Inc.

Unidex Inc.

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PHQL mobile lift and transport table

Product From Unidex Inc.

A mobile workstation designed for safe, ergonomic lifting, positioning, load transfer and other service and repair operations, the Unidex PHQL mobile lift table has a 500-pound load capacity and features a large 24” by 24” platform table top. The “Quick Lifter” raises the table from a height of 28 inches to a maximum of 44 inches, and a separate ergonomic foot pedal allows for infinitely adjustable down-speed to lower the platform. According to Unidex, the PHQL mobile table eliminates many lifting and carrying chores for workers performing various tasks. It can serve as an assembly or repair workstation, a transporter of parts, tools and equipment, and as a mobile lift in a wide range of facilities. It is constructed of heavy-duty welded tubular steel to provide strength without weight, and a sealed, proprietary cylinder is designed for years of leak-free performance. For more information call (800) 724-1302 or visit www.Unidex-Inc.com.

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