Shark Pressure Washers

Company Details:
4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607

Toll Free: 800-771-1881
Fax: 877-526-3246

Shark Pressure Washers makes a full range of pressure washing equipment for cleaning aviation and shop equipment, and vehicles of all types. Products include hot and cold water pressure washers up to 5,000 psi, water cannons and water blasters, and fully contained trailer mounted pressure washers for cleaning where water sources are not convenient or available.

Along with pressure washers, Shark provides other cleaning solutions for on-site and in-shop use, including portable wash pads to hold equipment while being washed, aqueous parts washers to automatically clean equipment parts and engines, and wash water treatment systems to send clean water down the drain or recycle the water back to the pressure washer.

Gas-powered cold-waer pressure washers

Gas-powered cold-waer pressure washers

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