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Simulation and training solutions

Product From NGRAIN

NGRAIN's commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software tools and applications increase the efficiency and effectiveness of equipment training programs and support systems by using interactive 3-D equipment simulations to convey complex information. The Virtual Task Trainer, leverages tailored 3-D equipment simulations to train personnel on specific tasks. Users are able to freely explore highly detailed representations of equipment and/or subsystems, review the assembly and disassembly of equipment in real-time, and practice maintenance and troubleshooting procedures. It provides a 3-D equipment simulation that can be quickly referenced for procedural information. Requiring no installation, it can be deployed on virtually any Microsoft-based computing platform and can be delivered alongside a technical manual for new equipment or used to update staff on changing procedures. NGRAIN solutions are known to accelerate learning, improve first-time-right performance, and help novices gain the knowledge of experienced maintainers faster. Studies have shown that by incorporating NGRAIN solutions into training and support programs, the time required to investigate and resolve a maintenance incident can be reduced by 30 percent. For more information visit or call (604) 669-9973.

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