GlowZone Inc.

GlowZone Inc.


GlowZone is a leading developer of photoluminescent (PL) products including exit signs, floor exit path markings, directional signage for walls, fire extinguisher signs, and Nebulite™ sticks which fit into overhead fluorescent and other light fixtures to illuminate an area in case of a power failure. GlowZone offers photoluminescent exit signs with 50-, 75- and 100-foot visibility, which can replace electrically driven signs.


GlowZone’s PL exit signs, floor markings, wall directional signs, fire extinguisher signs and Nebulite™ sticks are installed in passenger loading bridges at John Wayne Airport, Southern California’s second busiest airport. The airport utilizes GlowZone’s PL exit signs within the terminal and at its operations offices.


Using its advanced technology, GlowZone also produces photoluminescent engraved tiles for floors and walls to increase visibility in a reduced lighting situation.


GlowZone’s photoluminescent products are UL 924 listed and are installed per NFPA 101 and local codes. PL exit signs are a positive alternative to electrically powered LED signs and a better option than radioactive tritium signs. The Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Office recommends PL exit signs for their energy efficiency and cost savings versus electrically powered exit signs. GlowZone’s signs are fully recyclable.



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  • Brea, CA 92821
  • USA
  • Phone: 714.256.2202
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  • Fax: 714.256.2208
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