Spec-Ops Heliwagon

Company Details:
10272 N Sky Master
Hayden, ID 83835 USA

Phone: (208) 215-5648
Toll Free: 877-435-4946
Fax: 2087625576

Spec-Ops Heliwagon offers a remote-controlled helicopter landing dolly with a one year full warranty.  The HeliWagon is the most advanced mobile landing dolly in the world, enabling the pilot or ground crewman to have 360 degree walk around visibility with 100% positive control during aircraft movement on the ground.  The HeliWagon is a fully-contained electronic, rechargeable, motorized heli-ground transport system with ‘wireless remote control’ and ‘tethered control’ capability engineered to provide an extremely stable and safe landing platform for light to mid-sized skid helicopters.  The HeliWagon is one of the industry’s greatest recent innovations that simplifies and saves time, labor, and costs of handling your helicopter while it’s on the ground. 


For technical support contact Brad at (877) 435-4946 or brad@heliwagon.com.