Duncan Aviation

Company Details:
15745 S. Airport Rd.
Battle Creek, MI 49015 USA

Phone: 269-969-8400
Fax: 269-969-8432

Duncan Aviation offers comprehensive service for nearly every make and model of business jets and turbo-props. It offers factory-authorized service for Citation, Challenger, Embraer, Falcon, and Learjet. For Citation technical support contact Justin Merkling at (269) 969-8422 or justin.merkling@duncanaviation.com. For Gulfstream, Astra/Westwind, and Embraer technical support contact James Overheul at(269) 969-8477 or james.overheul@duncanaviation.com. For Learjet and Challenger technical support contact is Cary Loubert at (269) 969-8452 or cary.loubert@duncanaviation.com. For Falcon technical support contact Kevin Bornhorst at (269) 969-8482 or kevin.bornhorst@duncanaviation.com. Hours of service: 24/7/365.

Duncan Aviation’s Team Member Health Facility Now Open

August 22, 2013
From Duncan Aviation