skygeek_10136045.png is an online retail store selling pilot supplies and aviation equipment. We've been offering quality service as a family-run business since 1969 and we are truly dedicated to providing top quality products as well as remarkable customer service. A Fun, Positive Experience. With a name like SkyGeek, you've got to know we have a sense of humor here, right? We're truly committed to making your shopping experience a positive one. We know that shopping on the Web can be a frustrating experience and that there are a lot of companies out there. Give us a chance and we'll show you the SkyGeek difference. Highest Quality Products. Every product line in our store has been hand-picked by our staff as a top-quality product. We want only the best for our customers: Customer Satisfaction. We are completely 100% dedicated to keeping our customers happy. We want you to tell all your friends about that great little Internet pilot shop called SkyGeek. One of the Styles Group of Companies, services aviation-oriented clients in the U.S., Thailand, South Africa, Chile, Australia, Europe, and many other countries around the globe. It is the goal of each and every team member at SkyGeek to provide clients with the very finest customer service in the industry. At SkyGeek, world-class customer service isn't just a catch-phrase - it's a family tradition. Established in 1969 by Herb and Ginny Styles, the Styles companies evolved out of their small-airplane rebuilding operation based at the family's "Sky Acres" airport ( in rural upstate New York. Today, under the direction of President Steven Styles (the founders' son) and housed in a modern 10,000-square-foot hangar facility located adjacent to its own 3,800 x 60 foot paved runway, SkyGeek and Styles Aviation exclusively provide factory new material from FAA approved sources. With such an airborne history, you can be sure the staff at SkyGeek loves flying as much as you do. Explore the site to see the latest equipment they have picked out for you. And, have a great flight!

  • 30 Airway Dr., Suite 2
  • LaGrangeville, NY 12540
  • Phone: 888-SKY-GEEK (759-4335)
  • Toll Free: 845-677-8185
  • Fax: 845-677-6252
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TheCanKey turbine oil can opener

Product From Skygeek.Com

In response to increased findings of deposit buildup in aircraft engines that cause internal problems, SkyGeek stocks TheCanKey products, a turbine oil can opener and a dust cap that keep oil cans free of foreign object damage (FOD). As the only safe oil can opener on the market, it is made of reinforced durable plastic and is designed to safely open a 1-quart can of oil. This opener has been tested and approved by Saybolt Laboratories, a company that offers testing and inspection services with Petroleum and Petrochemical sectors as their specialty. It promises to not leave any fragments of the opener or the can in the oil. The ergonomic design and nonslip surface make it comfortable and easy to use, while its plastic material allows it past any airport security checkpoint. It protects your oil cans from floating dust and dirt that would normally settle in the oil. It is easy to secure on top of the can and covers it completely for full protection. The dust cap can be removed and reused easily, and also fits well over new oil cans to keep them clean until use. For more information call (888) 759-4335 or visit

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