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Hightech Finishing

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Decorative plating finishes

Product From Hightech Finishing

HighTech Finishing offers three new unique decorative plating finishes. Each finish was created at the request of HighTech's customers. They include oil-rubbed bronze, Spanish bronze, and Crescent Gold. The oil-rubbed bronze combines HighTech's electroplated product with a cold staining process to achieve the desired look. Spanish Bronze, an off-shoot of Oil-Rubbed Bronze but with more of a visible brushed pattern in the finish. Crescent Gold was developed after several leading European completion centers requested this look for use in their VVIP programs. This electroplated finish has a distinctive color with very accurate color consistency and is available in polished, satin, pearllite, frosted, and hammertone textures. For more than 25 years, HighTech Finishing has served the aviation industry, supplying superior-quality decorative metal plating for interior hardware and trim parts for business and head-of-state aircraft. From design implementation to zero-defect quality production, HighTech Finishing offers more than 130 standard finishes and unlimited custom-matching capabilities. For more information call (800) 949-0124 or visit www.htf.net.

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