Wall Colmonoy Corp.

Wall Colmonoy Corp.

2226 W. Malone, San Antonio, TX 78225 Media: Marianne Huesing 248-585-6400, X 248, mhuesing@wallcolmonoy.com turbine engine component overhaul and repair
  • 4700 S.E. 59th St.
  • Oklahoma City, OK 73013
  • United States
  • Phone: 405-672-1361
  • Toll Free: 800-433-5074
  • Fax: 405-670-3763
  • Website: http://www.wallcolmonoy.com

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Wall Colmonoy aircraft exhaust systems

Product From Wall Colmonoy Corp.

Wall Colmonoy, an FAA Repair Station, provides PMA, STC, and overhauled exhaust systems for most aircraft manufacturers. All parts, including replacement parts, are FAA approved, furnace stress relieved for longer service life, and come with a one-year, unlimited use warranty. For more information visit www.wallcolmonoy.com or call (405) 672-1361.

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