Spray Nine Corp./Permatex

Spray Nine Corp./Permatex

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251 N. Comrie Ave.?, PO Box 290

  • 309 W. Montgomery St., Suite 15B
  • 251 N. Comrie Ave., PO Box 290
  • Johnstown, NY 12095
  • United States
  • Phone: 518-762-2695
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 518 762-2566
  • Website: http://www.spraynine.com

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AV-8 aircraft cleaner

Product From Spray Nine Corp./Permatex

AV-8 aircraft cleaner from the makers of Spray Nine is a bio-based Type IV cleaner. It qualifies to MIL-PRF-87937, T.M. 1-1500-344-23, MIM-05-005, DMWR’s, and is AMCOM approved for use on Army hHelicopters. A proprietary blend of surfactants, builders and corrosion inhibitors provides nonsolvent cleaning and corrosion inhibition. Its low emulsifying formula makes it ideal to be used in oil/water separator systems. Use it to clean and degrease painted and unpainted aircraft exteriors, aerospace ground equipment and engines. Available in 24-ounce RTU or in a concentrated form in 5-, 55-, 220-, or 275-gallon sizes. For more information visit www.permatex.com or call (518) 762-2695.

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