Omega Airline Software

Omega Airline Software

Company Details:
116 N. 8th St.
Midlothian, TX 76065

Phone: 972-775-3693

Omega Airline Software is a privately owned company with headquarters in the Dallas, TX area.  Omega Airline Software has been providing the airline industry with Ames, the premier maintenance advanced planning and scheduling software suite, since 1992.  Omega’s growing customer list includes commercial airlines, fractional ownership companies and MRO operations:  Continental Airlines, bmi, Qantas, Delta Air Lines, NetJets, Alaska Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Frontier Airways, Flight Options, Bombardier Aircraft Services, Mesa Air Group, Jazz Air, Southwest Airlines, Horizon Air, Air Canada, United Airlines, PSA, American Eagle, Emirates, and Air Wisconsin with more on the horizon.

Omega Airline Software knows how crucial efficient and complete maintenance scheduling is to the business of running an airline.  Omega’s Ames suite of airline maintenance advanced planning and scheduling tools enables maintenance organizations to create optimized, complete maintenance schedules to fit any business model and easily distribute this vital information.  The planning functionality in Ames is unique in the industry; no other software provides the long range planning power or information creation of Ames.  Along with the planning functionality, there are other modules such as Budget, Fleet Plan, and Short Term Scheduler included, as well as the ability to link Ames to your other maintenance and operations systems. 

Omega Airline Software also works with maintenance and IT to tie together all of the separate MRO systems together so that they all communicate as one.  This allows for the efficient flow of information from one system to another and out to the people who rely on it.  We also offer planning consulting services, from answering difficult planning problems to developing the entire maintenance plan.

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