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Methods Machine Tools

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Method Machine Tools milling center

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Methods Machine Tools Inc. offers the Nakamura-Tome WY-250 multi-tasking turning/milling center with opposed two-spindle, two-turret construction that features a unique upper and lower Y-axis capability for milling or drilling simultaneously on both turrets. The Super Mill drivetrain produces high horsepower and torque for milling speeds up to 6,000 rpm. The WY-250 includes 25hp and 20hp (left and right) spindle motors with Super Mill drivetrain milling motors on the upper and lower turrets, offering 10hp 40Nm. It weighs 26,460 pounds offering high rigidity, has a 60-degree slant bed, and 24 rotating milling tool stations. Two 12-station turrets with half-index capability (48 total) are standard and feature a maximum turning diameter of 8.5 inches (215mm) and a turning length of 23 inches (580mm). For more information visit or call (978) 733-1353.

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