EARS North America

EARS North America

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  • PO Box 6177
  • Lindenhurst, IL 60046
  • United States
  • Phone: 847-356-3220
  • Toll Free:
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Exhausted Air Recycling System

Product From EARS North America

The innovative air tool technology that improves productivity, saves energy, and improves workplace health and safety is called the Exhausted Air Recycling System or E.A.R.S. The tool system provides a closed loop between the air compressor and the air tool by capturing the exhausted air from the air tool and returning it to the compressor. This closed-loop system generates more power with less energy. Tests have shown that energy consumption is reduced by nearly 50 percent and noise levels are reduced from 40 to 80 percent over conventional air tools. As an added bonus, the air compressor and the power tools will last longer as the closed-loop system keeps moisture, dust, oil and other pollutants out of the compressor and air tools. And, the work environment is noticeably improved because moisture and dust particles are not blown around the shop. For more information call (847) 356-3220.

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