COMTECH Aerospace Inc.

COMTECH Aerospace Inc.

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  • 46 Riverview Park SW
  • Calgary, AB T2C 3Z7
  • Canada
  • Phone: (403) 203-4786
  • Toll Free: 403-875-8362
  • Fax: (403) 203-4786
  • Website:

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Marlin Titan spray gun

Product From COMTECH Aerospace Inc.

The Marlin Titan spray gun from COMTECH Aerospace Inc. was developed to reduce VOC emissions. The Marlin innovative concept carries out the tasks of Airless, Aircoat, HVLP and Conventional spray guns therefore only one gun is required. The Marlin Titan spray gun was tested by the AQMD (Air Quality Management District) of Los Angeles. The test results proved the Marlin Titan spray gun offers a unique performance and very high transfer efficiency of 80 - 95 percent. The spray gun operates at an air pressure of between 1-5 psi, using only 4-8 cfm of air. Features include: • Low weight • Designed for easy operator maintenance • Meets strict World statutory Regulations • Significant reduction in mist and odor • Low noise level • Lower waste disposal • Reduced pollution • Material savings

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