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Portable aircraft boarding canopy

Product From QCS GSE Ltd.

The Protector, a portable aircraft boarding canopy, protects passengers and the aircraft interior from the elements while the aircraft’s main entrance door is open. It was designed by a licensed (Transport Canada and FAA) AME/A&P mechanic and developed with the help of a respected, experienced engineering firm. The canopy prevents the stairs from getting wet, which precludes the possibility of passengers (or crew) falling on wet (or snowy) stairs. The canopy also shields the view of passengers while they are in transit between the aircraft and the ramp or ground transportation, thereby ensuring privacy and enhancing the security of the passengers and crew in any weather, rain, or shine. It fits all large cabin corporate jets and most regional jets and is quickly and easily positioned by one ground crew to straddle the main entrance door. There is no physical connection between canopy and aircraft, which makes for rapid positioning and removal and prevents damage to the aircraft resulting from mechanical contact. There is only minimal contact between the canopy and the aircraft to preclude the possibility of damage to the aircraft’s paint from contact with the canopy. The canopy fabric is waterproof, fireproof, mold-resistant, available in a wide range of colors, and may be customized by the addition of a company logo. Bullet-resistant materials (optional) may also be employed in the construction of the canopy to further enhance the security of the passengers. For more information call (416) 892-8061.

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