Commport Aerospace Services Ltd.

Commport Aerospace Services Ltd.

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realTimeFuel™, the flagship product from Commport Aerospace Services Ltd. (CASL), is an extremely comprehensive and far reaching solution that is designed to meet the needs of Airports, Airlines, Into-Plane Agents and Tank Farm Operators while working alongside the regulatory agencies to ensure that all requirements are being fulfilled.  In its newest release, realTimeFuel™ 360°, CASL takes a broad approach to fuel handing addressing gate-to-gate activity for airlines, pipeline/highway tanker-to-gate for airports and Into-Plane Agents, in flight efficiency tracking, fuel quality monitoring and inventory management for all participants in operations.  realTimeFuel™ does this while also providing the valuable and accurate source information about quantity, quality and density, required as a part of complying with environmental initiatives such as the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) directive, to participate in complete end to end audit trails and to perform detailed reconciliation.


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