Allied Aviation

Allied Aviation

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Allied Aviation Services, Inc. including its subsidiary and affiliated companies (Allied Aviation) is the largest American domestically owned provider of fueling services to the commercial aviation industry.

Allied Aviation is an independently owned and operated company whose core business is providing fueling services for the commercial aviation industry at some of the largest airports in the United States, Canada, The Caribbean, and Latin America. In Canada, the Allied Aviation family of companies includes CAFAS and Airconsol. In addition, the Allied Affiliates owns and operates pipelines, tank farms, and other business activities.

Allied Aviation currently is the designated into-plane service provider and/or fuel storage facility operator at 24 major airports. Allied Aviation manages the receipt, storage and operation of airport distribution systems that throughput in excess of 6 billion gallons of Jet-A fuel each year. In addition, Allied Aviation fuels approximately 1.8 million commercial flights per year.

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