Westmor Industries, LLC

Westmor Industries, LLC


Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, Westmor Industries designs, manufactures, services and distributes a full line of petroleum and fluid handling parts and equipment. The 40-year-old company serves customers in industries including petroleum, propane, alternative fuels, aviation, agriculture and government agencies. In addition, Westmor operates facilities in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin with repair and install teams serving the Midwestern United States and beyond.

  • PO Box 683
  • 7220 Central Ave. N.E.
  • Morris, MN 56267
  • Phone: 320-589-7268
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 320-589-2206
  • Website: http://www.westmor-ind.com

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Mobile Fuel Testing System

Product From Westmor Industries, LLC

Westmor Industries, a leading manufacturer of fuel and liquid-handling systems and components, announces a new product offering for their Aviation division, the Mobile Fuel Testing System. The system provides aviation refueling personnel the opportunity to sample, filter and return fuel with an easy-to-use closed-loop system, virtually eliminating jet fuel sampling waste. Quick payback should be possible as all clean and dry fuel utilized in filter changes, delivery samples, and sump samples can be returned to inventory rather than being discarded.  Westmor even offers an online calculator to provide an estimate of how quickly the new test system will pay for itself in annual fuel savings:  

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