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Enhance GTMS efficiencies with TransCore's time-proven radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based AVI technology, GateKeeperG¤³ software, and Clearinghouse functions. Automated call-up and staging for taxis, buses, and shuttles to control commercial

  • 19111 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300
  • Dallas, TX 75287-3106
  • Phone: 800-923-4824
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  • Fax: 972-733-4686
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eGo Parking Management Solution

Product From TransCore

PassKey and SmartPass turnkey solutions for access, parking, and revenue control are available from TransCore. Using RFID tags, customers park at any location with a PassKey system and receive a monthly statement of their transactions. SmartPass is designed to provide non-stop vehicle access control for parking.

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