Priceless Aviation Products

Priceless Aviation Products


Priceless Aviation Products proudly manufacture and distribute high quality Aircraft Tugs and Ground Power Equipment. Beginning in 1998, Priceless redeveloped the Aircraft Tug to provide the end user a more comfortable and maneuverable experience and has since joined forces with Red Box international to bring you an extensive line of Ground Power Equipment for your aviation needs. The entire product line is built here in the United States in a 216,000 sq. ft. green facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

All of Priceless Aviation Products are built with ease and comfort in mind, combining an excellent power to weight ratio, the latest technology, top quality components and unrivaled sales support. The high quality components and excellent after sales support, ensure peace of mind when purchasing Priceless Aviation products. Their Tug and GPU lines have received recognition from both the military and civil markets, and Priceless is frequently chosen by the military and its affiliated equipment partners to create custom power solutions.

  • 362 Industrial Park Drive
  • Lawrenceville, GA 30046
  • United States
  • Phone: 770-962-6188
  • Toll Free: 877-206-5116
  • Fax: 877-206-5116
  • Website:

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Battery-Operated Tug

Product From Priceless Aviation Products

Priceless Aviation Products introduces a “Transaxle” to its 701 model tugs. The 701 battery-operated tug will now come standard with a transaxle. The introduction of the transaxle will allow the tug to turn freely and eliminates the need to pick up and reposition the tug to make tight turns. Another advantage of the transaxle is that it will also reduce the amount of wear on tires during usage.

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