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Diamond Express System

Product From Meyer Products

The Diamond Express snowplow system is now available from Meyer Products. The system shows innovations in the three main components of the plowing system: the mounting system, the plow, and the operating system. The EZ Mount Express is a self-mounting and pinless system that mounts or dismounts with the push of a single button. The Diamond Express Series, full trip plow is offered in 7-1/2 and 8" blade. This moldboard is designed with a more aggressive attack angle and curvature giving maximum snow removal capacity and efficient snow rolling action. The XP operating system is based on PLC (Power Line Control) technology which allows control of the system. Some of the features include ARM and ALM modes which raise and lower the plow as it is shifted from drive to reverse. Wig-Wag Mode gives additional visibility from other vehicles by alternating the plow lights. A Shake feature removes accumulated snow from the front of the moldboard. The handheld control also plugs into the cigarette lighter which reduces installation time;

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