Hali-Brite Inc

Hali-Brite Inc

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Airport Lighting Equipment. Also Supplies and Repairs
  • PO Box 10
  • 925 1st Street SW
  • Crosby, MN 56441
  • Phone: 218-546-7473
  • Toll Free: 800-553-6269
  • Fax: 218-546-6854
  • Website: http://www.halibrite.com

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HBM 150/2 rotating beacon

Product From Hali-Brite Inc

The HBM 150/2 rotating beacon is FAA certified and available from Hali-Brite Inc, a manufacturer of new and refurbished beacons with a patented belt drive system. Also manufacture other FAA certified equipment, such as airport and heliport rotating beacons, and lighted and unlighted wind cones; www. halibrite.com.

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