Company Details:
4137 Donald Douglas Drive
Long Beach Airport
Long Beach, CA 90808

Phone: 562-429-8062
Toll Free: 866-AIRSERV
Fax: 562-421-2858

Fly to Long Beach Airport, Gateway to Los Angeles and Southern California fun! LGB is conveniently located 30 minutes south of Downtown LA, and 30 minutes west of Disneyland. LGB offers big airport amenities, including a 10,000 foot runway and new 12 gate concourse!


Also consider LGB for your Cargo Gateway to Los Angeles.  LGB is closer to all major freight forwarders than any other airport and capable of handling AN-124 operations.


AMC and Military Charters can be served via LGB or Los Alamitos AAF (KSLI).  Airserv provides ground support at both locations.


**Note - charter flights are not slot restricted**

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Long Beach Airport