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Omni Services, a leading hose assembly fabrication company for over three decades, is experiencing tremendous growth and responsiveness to its aviation hose program. The program centers around taking cost off the customer's floor and dependably delivering quality assemblies within a same-day to 48-hour window. Within the aviation industry, Omni supplies aviation fueling hose, twin-line sensing hose, jacriser hose and deicing hose from brand giants including: Goodyear, Dixon Valve & Coupling, Titan and Parker. Eaton Aeroquip hose, fittings and adapters is the brand product that serves the aviation customer's hydraulic requirements. Pre-assembled, warranteed and documented, all-inclusive hydraulic hose assembly kits are exceedingly popular. In working with OEMs and FBOs, each assembly is tested in accordance with API 1529 Sixth Edition as well as NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guidelines. The focus on safety and hose assembly integrity is the driving force of the program.

Aviation Fueling Hoses

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Aviation Hose

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