Kocoverk International AB

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Vikingavagen 21 B
Sollentuna, 191 33

Phone: +46-8-35-26-60
Fax: +46-8-35-34-63

Kocoverk has provided aircraft heaters and air conditioning systems for military and civil aircraft for more than 32 years. Kocoverk can be considered one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to aircraft heaters. The company have heaters for all flying applications from helicopters to A 380 , engine de-icers , explotion proof helicopter heaters, electric powered heaters , hybrid heaters and Diesel engine powered heaters. Kocoverk heaters are presented all over the world and companies like FedEx , Delta Air Line , SAS, Aeroflot and others are big users of Kocoverk heaters.

Kocoverk also have a product line of ACU for commuter and narrow body type of aircraft using the latest scroll compresor technology. Kocoverk International also use a special air cycle technology for fighter aircraft. Swedish Air Force , Indian Air Force and EADS use these products for fighter aircraft cooling using no freon at all as refrigerant. The system only use ambient air as refrigerant. 







Aircraft Heaters

Aircraft Heaters

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