Contrac GmbH

Company Details:
Max-Planck-Ring 43
Wiesbaden, 65205 Germany

Phone: 0049-6122-9553-0
Fax: 0049-6122-51461

CONTRAC is the world's leading manufacturer of low floor airfield buses, type COBUS for more than 10 years. Leading world airports operating the COBUS including Amsterdam, Paris CDG, Madrid, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Rome and Milan, Italy; Athens, Greece; D&sseldorf, Germany; Z&rich, Switzerland; Beijing, People?&s Republic of China; London-Gatwick, UK and Los Angeles, USA. All COBUS are manufactured in continuous line production. This insures not only consistently high quality, but also very reasonable delivery times. Currently four (4) COBUS 3000 are manufactured each week in our facility in Porto, Portugal. Nearly 1,200 of the all-aluminium buses are in operation around the world, in approximately 70 countries and at over 180 airports. 95% of all customers choose the COBUS 3000 in its standard configuration as it is already fully equipped for airport ramp operations.