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Aviapartner provides a wide range of passenger, ramp and cargo handling services at 32 airports in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In 2004, Aviapartner’s 5,100 staff handled 20.8 million passengers, 194,000 aircraft and 991,000 tons of cargo, and the group generated a turnover of € 268 million.

  • Brussels National Airport
  • Main Terminal - 5th Floor
  • B-1930 Zaventem, Brussels
  • Belgium
  • Phone: 32-0-2-723-03-11
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 32-0-2-723-03-32
  • Website: http://www.aviapartner.aero

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Independent Ground Handler

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AVIAPARTNER is one of Europe's leading independent ground handlers, headquartered in Belgium, and offering a wide range of airport services at 32 airports in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland: passenger and baggage handling, ticketing, cargo and mail handling, ramp services, aircraft servicing and maintenance, flight operations and crew administration, load control and communications, surface transport of passengers and crews, operation of airport lounges, catering services, security services and executive aviations services. With ramp operations at 26 airports, its ramp services network is the densest of Western Europe. AVIAPARTNER services over 200 airlines. In 2002, it served 17 million passengers, provided ramp handling for over 173,000 aircraft and handled 640,000 tons of cargo. The group employs more than 4,500 staff. Aviapartner's consolidated turnover has risen by 13 % to reach EUR 236 million in 2002.

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