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Posts from NTSB veteran John Goglia reviewing Ramp Activity Safely and Efficiencies.

  • For The Latest In GSE, AviationPros LIVE Delivers

    By John Goglia - Tuesday April 8, 2014
    If working on the ramp is your life – or at least your work life – attending the annual premier ground equipment show in Las Vegas is a must.   Last week’s show once again demonstrated to me the importance of attending.  Not only can you learn...
  • MA Flight 370: Another Reminder Of The Importance Of Ramp Security

    By John Goglia - Tuesday March 25, 2014
    With the disappearance of Flight 370 dominating the news and no definitive cause established at this point, many potential theories of what happened are being explored.  And will continue to be explored at least until the black boxes are found and the...
  • Could An Air Horn Or Whistle Enhance The Safety Of Your Ramp Operations?

    By John Goglia - Tuesday March 11, 2014
    It seems almost every day this winter, we’re reading about ground damage to an aircraft. I don’t know if there in fact have been more instances of such damage or whether there’s just a lot more reporting on the internet. With the 24-hour news cycle...
  • Raising Ramp Pay Is Not Just About Helping Workers

    By John Goglia - Tuesday February 25, 2014
    I applaud the recent actions of the New York Port Authority (note: I said New York) to demand that airlines raise the wages of their contract workers at JFK and LGA making less than $9 an hour by $1 with an eventual pay raise to $10.10 an hour by 2015...
  • Even As A Joke, Biden Comment On LGA Inappropriate

    By John Goglia - Tuesday February 11, 2014
    As many of you have probably read, Vice President Biden commented that if he blindfolded someone and took him to LaGuardia Airport, he would think he was “in some third world country.” Well, we all know that LaGuardia, like many of our nation’s...
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