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The latest thoughts and industry news on electric power for GSE.

  • Data. Everyone Wants It. Nobody Uses it.

    By Todd Allen - Tuesday March 18, 2014
    You hear a lot of ramp stories about electric tractors: “It runs for an hour and dies.” “We use this tractor 18 hours per day.” “We charge it every night.” “We water every battery every week.” LOL, right? One of my...
  • A New Year 'Eminder

    By Todd Allen - Wednesday January 8, 2014
    Here’s a simple reminder in the new year about the financial benefit of electric tractors. We all know about the environmental benefit. You can prevent a million pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by eliminating emissions from just one...
  • Battery Myth No. 7

    By Todd Allen - Tuesday October 8, 2013
    True of False : It’s good to fully discharge your battery. False . As we’ve discussed previously, your batteries will not develop a “memory.” It’s perfectly acceptable to partially discharge and plug back in to the charger. There will be no...
  • Battery Myth No. 6

    By Todd Allen - Tuesday August 20, 2013
    True or False: Distilled water is best for batteries. True and false, but under-watering or over-watering batteries is the problem. This one isn’t actually a myth. It’s true, but somewhat insignificant. When a battery gasses during the...
  • Battery Myth No.5

    By Todd Allen - Monday June 24, 2013
    True or False: You can add chemical solutions to a battery and bring it back to life. True: However, I strongly discourage the use of additives. Every few years a new product comes along claiming to perform miracles to your lead-acid batteries. If...
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