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Posts from Aircraft Maintenance Technology contributor Nick Sergi on current events and issues on industry leadership and representation in Washington.

  • An Aircraft Technician’s Bill of Rights

    - Tuesday November 22, 2011
    You know, many times things are so obvious you can’t see the trees for the forest. Well, just the other day I caught a glimpse of Senator Jim Inhofe’s, (R-OK) proposed legislation for a Pilot’s Bill of Rights. OK, I said to myself, that’s a good...
  • Director's Viewpoint: Business Aviation

    By Nick Sergi - Monday October 31, 2011
    When I exited active duty from the Marine Corp, being single, I had many choices for a civilian career. While I enjoyed my military life, I had had enough spit shines and Brasso. Rather, I looked for a career in civil aviation. I did have the chance to...
  • Fatigue

    By Nick Sergi - Thursday May 19, 2011
    Recently I took the opportunity to attend an aviation training conference presented close by in Orlando by Civil Aviation Training Magazine. This is an annual meeting and it consists of several tracks, including one concerned with maintenance training...
  • An Update: The House Bill and Unions

    By Nick Sergi - Thursday April 7, 2011
    It's interesting how things some times come together. My last blog explored the idea of unionization. In fact, there were many inputs to the subject and I would like to thank all those who submitted an opinion. It is apparent that there is something in...
  • Unionization

    By Nick Sergi - Thursday March 24, 2011
    As we are too well aware, this recession has been tough on almost every one, except the fat cats on Wall Street that make money with our money. Am I making a statement here? I guess I am. I marvel at the injustice of a guy sitting at a computer seeing how...
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