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Posts from Airport Business Magazine editor Ronnie Garrett on current events and issue related to airports and FBOs.

  • Malaysia Flight Exposes Hidden Air Security Flaw

    By Ronnie Garrett - Wednesday March 12, 2014
    How do you lose a jet? While I confess to wondering that myself since the Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared, my background covering law enforcement and terrorism has trained my focus on the fact that it appears so easy—scratch that--IS so easy to...
  • Heading to the Airport Technology Conference

    By Ronnie Garrett - Wednesday January 29, 2014
    Yesterday I sat in the airport waiting for my flight, talking on the phone, while working on my laptop, with my Kindle out to read on when I was done working – and all of my devices were plugged in, charging for the next leg of the trip. I think I...
  • Budget deal wins broad bipartisan support

    By Ronnie Garrett - Wednesday December 18, 2013
      Have you heard? Congress struck a bipartisan budget deal last week. Though there are no broad-based tax increases, this legislation will generate millions in new revenue from American taxpayers. Those who travel on commercial airliners are some of...
  • Sustainability Tips from Airports Going Green

    By Ronnie Garrett - Wednesday November 13, 2013
    Yesterday I headed to the Windy City to attend the Airports Going Green conference. The conference was bigger and better than ever, attracting nearly 400 people from all over the globe. In the presentations, some common themes emerged regarding airport...
  • Pick the Low-hanging Fruit of Sustainability

    By Ronnie Garrett - Wednesday October 30, 2013
    As I close the final chapters on Airport Business’ sustainability issue, I’m reflecting on the concept of going green. I’m impressed and amazed by what airports are doing to be more sustainable; it’s a far change from when I began writing about...
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