2014 Will Be a Year of Celebration

Paging through the very first issue

Exactly one year from now AMT will have been in publication for 25 years, consistently providing articles directed toward aircraft maintenance in all segments of the industry. Many of the same authors and companies from that first issue are still with us today. And many of the same topics are still relevant today. But we must recognize how much the industry has changed and how much our readership has changed.

Advancements in technology have played a huge role over the past decades. A couple examples that come to mind are fly-by-wire technology and the use of advanced composite materials in aircraft construction. Today, fly-by-wire systems have become common place in many new aircraft and primary structures including entire aircraft fuselages small and large are built using composite materials. At the same time our industry maintains aircraft flown 25 years ago and older, and maintaining the aging fleet of aircraft has become a new topic of discussion.

Beginning with the first issue of 2014 and continuing throughout the year we will celebrate by featuring aircraft, technologies, people, organizations and businesses having an impact on the aviation and aircraft maintenance industry over the past 25 years. We plan to regularly include then and now themed articles looking at any number of topics over the past 25 years including an eye toward the years ahead.  

Celebrate with us! If you have an interesting 25 year topic please let us know. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season from all of us at Aircraft Maintenance Technology.