Hire the Right Maintenance Technician

This person ultimately holds your safety in his or her hands, not to mention the maintenance of an expensive aircraft. Qualifications are important.

Owning an aircraft is a luxury only a privileged few experience during their lifetime. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people, you probably already know that maintaining an aircraft in airworthy condition requires the services of a reliable, experienced and highly skilled technician. Unless you happen to be one yourself, finding the right person for the job can be a challenge.

Most aircraft owners retain the services of a reliable and qualified aircraft management company who handle the hiring of all crew personnel, including plane technicians. Private jet charter companies assume the responsibilities of owning a private plane so aircraft owners enjoy the perks and privileges of ownership without the headaches.

Even with a reliable aircraft management company, however, it pays to know the skills and qualifications you need to look for when hiring an airplane technician. This person ultimately holds your safety in his or her hands, not to mention the maintenance of an expensive aircraft. It makes sense to know for yourself how qualified he or she is to do the job competently. Below then are three things you should know about a aircraft technician you are considering to hire.


Aside from formal and professional training from an accredited institution, find out if they keep up with the current technical innovations and trends in the industry. Aviation maintenance is a rapidly growing field where new knowledge and fresh, useful information are being discovered and implemented at a rapid pace. You want someone who has a wide knowledge base on which to build as well as the ability to integrate new information and adapt to new technologies consistently.


Yes, general field experience is important, but hands-on experience with the kind of plane you own is equally desirable. Aircraft components do have a wide degree of variability; the more exposure a technician has to specific aircraft types, the more qualified he or she becomes in its inner workings and engine capabilities.


The Federal Aviation Administration outlines the requirements to become a certified maintenance technician or airplane mechanic. Some levels require regular skills and training re-qualifications to maintain certification. You want to hire a maintenance technician who keeps his or her skills and industry knowledge sharp and current. A person who takes his profession seriously is more inclined to do good work. This is true for an aircraft technician as well as for any other profession.

Choose a knowledgeable, well-trained and certified maintenance technician so you can fly the friendly skies with confidence.